Wednesday, June 09, 2010

IndiGo - The brand that talks!

I have always been a fan of brands and products that talked to me. I liked them, trusted them and went back to them whenever in need. The more they talked in a friendly, fun and smart language the better I rated them.

Indigo LogoI had previously talked about how Gmail, Cleartrip and Happy Singh talked to me to give a better user experience. The recent addition to my 'talking brand' list is IndiGo Airlines. Once a friend asked me to rate IndiGo's user experience and thats when I really gave it a thought. I wanted to know why I liked IndiGo coz as a LCC they didn't really do anything (or didn't look like they did) out of the way to make me happy. This was a time when Kingfisher had the best user experience tag attached to them with all the awesome chicks and food.

Apart from an overall relaxed atmosphere, warm smiles, crisp smelling brand new cool aircraft cabins and on the dot timings (all no frills items) it was IndiGo's smart and fun branding that I liked the most. And they have consistently used the image right from the logo and ads to the smallest thing; they all have a curio value with something to tell you and make you smile and develop an instant friendship with them. Sample these...

You enter the aircraft up a ramp, not up stairs, which says "Indigo to 35,000 feet"

Indigo ramp
Picture by Rodsta

Their wheel chairs say "Don't overtake"

The blue que manager tapes in front of their check in counter says "Cut the red tape". Pun intended right?

The air sickness bag says "Get well soon"

Indigo barf bag

Their security manual has an Indian mascot demonstrating procedures

Indigo security

Food is called "Indigo Tiffin" and has a very smart packaging

Indigo Food
Picture by Rodsta

They don't have an inflight magazine but instead have a shopping catalog with interesting Indigo branded curious like

Indigo USB
a usb drive with a disclaimer "This item can cause jealousy"

Indigo Bag
a back back

Indigo TShirt
a fragile heart tshirt

Ah the other day I saw their ad looking to hire pilots

Indigo Ad

Heres a web banner ad

Indigo Ad

And finally their new fun TVC that shows us the benefits of being on time

I love brands that talk. I trust them and I expect a lot from them. Just that they need to keep in mind that they should live up to my expectations. All talk and no work is a very bad thing. If you are not in the mood to work, its better to shut up. I'm fine with them too. :-)


Mahesh Shantaram said...

Ah, yes. I have been waiting for a White Space post on Indigo, given the sudden wash of cute-ness that seems to have possessed them.

I'm a bit wary of brands that talk, because there is such a thing as talking too much, which could only serves to magnify any mistakes on their part. After the on-time ad, any delay will be extra embarrassing. Of course, we're going to ask Is IndiGo Airlines Really On Time? (an excellent interview, btw)

But I'd like to point out one thing that pissed me off when I flew IndiGo the first time after the launch of the new branding campaign. They seem to send out the message (to those who care to observe) that they're better than SpiceJet. Just like that 'red tape' reference directed at SpiceJet (rather than Kingfisher), there are other references too, especially in the inflight shopping brochure.

One example: in the inflight menu, there's a tiny graphic of the digestive system with the blurb "too much spice can cause problems." Then, of course, there's the screaming ad that cries foul over OTP reporting practices. This again is an IndiGo vs. SpiceJet thing without actually taking names.

To give credit where it's due, IndiGo is really working hard to be cool ("Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls..."). That's more that what can be said about certain other carriers.

Unknown said...

@mahesh On the contrary I liked the subtle digs at competitors like the "red tapism" and "too much spice" (I'm yet to see this one) which i think is in good humor.

However i didnt like this ad which i thought was in bad taste and went against their "cool" image. Just that I considered it as a mistake and i spared it for all the things i liked in them.

AravindJ said...

It was my first time and I just loved their ramps.
This one had "Here comes the hot stepper" on it.

While in the bus, saw another ramp with "Catch me if you can" on it.