Monday, September 20, 2010

Expensive Usability

There is a reason why the indicator switch is on the right side of a right hand drive car steering wheel. Its coz my left hand needs to be free to go for the gear stick quickly and its easier to use my right hand which is on the steering wheel to switch the indicators. Wiper switch on the left hand is a not used as frequently as the indicators.

There is a reason why some of the Indian cars have the indicator switch on the left side. They can use the same steering wheel column for their left hand drive variations made for export. Its a cost cutting technique.

But all I can say is that Indian cars which have their indicator switch on the left hand side don't care about their users.

I don't believe in doing expensive implementation in the name of usability but that doesn't mean easy implementation can come at the cost of bad usability. Maintain a balance in everything in life and don't over do anything.

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SRK said...

Good point. Bad example :-) I don't think people tend to indicate on Indian roads and people respect if someone indicates!