Friday, October 01, 2010

Foremost Formats

Some time back I was talking about how important is to understand the format on which you work on. I was trying to explain how important it is to adapt content from the big web to mobile web by coming up with a format which works well on small devices but convey the same message without losing the core essence. As an example I mentioned the different ad formats; TV, Radio and Print. The best ad would be that which can convey the message best utilizing the format on which it is presented. ie When I look at a print ad I should get the same message which someone else got when he saw it as a TV ad.

TATA Docomo's My Song TV commercial is one of my favorites as it conveys the "Listen to what you want to hear" message by showing a traditional South Indian mom appreciating her daughter's tattoo on her lower back. Its a good example of how you can make an effective ad using humor but its also a good example of how the message fails to convey when it is transfered to another format without adapting to it. What sense does it make when you show a tattoo on a girl's lower back on a billboard with a tagline "My Song"?

My Song

Ditto the problem with their "Love just one thing?" ad

Just one thing

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