Friday, December 10, 2010

Whats Google Cloud Print?

Cloud Print Diagram

My friend commented on my buzz on 'Live From Google’s Chrome Event: Chrome OS, Web Store, And More'

Friend: What is the use of cloud printing?

Me: You have bought air ticket online and its in your mail. You go to airport and the security at the gate asks for your ticket print out. You spot a cloud printer in the Airport terminal with the service name AirPrint. You open your mobile, go to your mail, print to AirPrint (Search for printer service, find AirPrint). The printer prints your ticket. The printer and your device need not be in a local network and no installations etc.

Friend: Oh

Me: My dad, who stays in Kerala, currently asks me to book railway tickets for him online, print it and then courier it to him. He is not even comfortable receiving it in his email and getting it printed etc. In the future I can setup a cloud printer at home and I can directly print the ticket from Bangalore on the printer at my place in Kerala.

Friend: Super

Well, at least this is what I think, from my little understanding, how cloud printers would work. Very similar to fax machines.

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