Monday, February 21, 2011

Think before you follow process

Personally I believe in following a process in doing things at work and in life in general to bring predictability and structure to whatever I do. The word 'process' seems to be heavy here but they are just those simple things I keep in mind when I cook, do shopping, travel, drive etc. I also believe that the process should be simple enough for me to have complete control over it. The moment I think the process doesnt make sense I should be able to break it and behave as per situation. Basically a process shouldn't be a rule it should only be a guideline and people who are supposed to follow processes should have the common sense to make those exceptions. eg A traffic cop should stop and penalize vehicles that jump signals but not when they are taking a patient to the hospital in an emergency situation. It doesnt make sense to follow process blindly. You have to understand it well and also be capable of making exceptions.

Recently my wife's address change application was rejected by Axis Bank authorities saying she didnt have a proof of address to show them. This happened even after she personally visiting the branch, signing on the application form with all necessary information. I can understand a bank asking for proof of identity and address before starting the account as I'm new to them, but whats the logic in asking for proofs once I have become their customer and have been operating the account for years? They have photographs and signatures to cross verify and confirm the credibility. The joke is; she could sign a cheque to wipe out her entire account balance and the bank would accept it but when she asked them to update her address in their records so that the account statement and other important communication wouldnt reach wrong hands, they wouldnt accept. And yes most importantly they blame it on the process.

Think before you follow processes blindly.

PS: Citibank and ICICI allows me to change the address on phone or online. No hassles.

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