Monday, March 28, 2011

Samsung Google Nexus S after 3 months

As Google Nexus S is coming to India by April first week, I thought i will post my views on the phone after using it for 3 months.

The Good
  1. The contoured SAMOLED display which gives the screen a deep contrast and a slight magnified effect. I have made my screen bg color as black and the effect is superb. You cant really make out the edge of the screen and the bezel. I love it.

    PS: The version which is coming to India is a Super LCD version. Not sure how that will look like.
  2. Gingerbread is fast. Its definitely faster than any android phone I have used.
  3. Touch sensitiveness is superb. I think its better than iPhone, especially the feel on the finger. Its smoother than the hard glass feel of iPhone 4.
  4. The overall feel of the hardware is better than iPhone 4. I like the plastic feel as it give more grip than Nexus One. Also the black plastic color goes very well with the deep black screen i talked about previously.
  5. Battery is better. Lasts for a day with heavy internet usage. I think its a Gingerbread feature. PS: I also know that Gingerbread is giving battery problems on Nexus One.
  6. Its very light in weight

The Bad
  1. The irritating random restart problem during a call. I still haven't got the 2.3.3 patch which will apparently fix this issue
  2. Its very bad at picking wifi signals. At home when my laptop shows full strength, Nexus S shows just 1 bar and keeps dropping.
  3. Sometimes it just doesn't show internet connectivity. I have to restart the phone to get it working. But then its twice or thrice in a month. But irritating indeed.
  4. For some reason the memory space allocated for installing apps is very limited. I have only 156mb of internal memory used but I'm almost at the max level. Last time Angry Birds had an update, I had to uninstall some of the apps to get it installed properly. #Fail
  5. Other small software issues which I hope will get fixed by software updates. eg Camera's flash doesnt get switched on, No unicode support on browser etc.
The bads are seriously bad but I have learnt work arounds to solve some of the connectivity issues.

Will I recommend buying this phone? Well as of now... I dont know. If they fix the bads, then definitely YES.

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Ramprakash said...

:-) nice round up.

Let me know when you want to fix most of these. ROMs are waiting!