Saturday, April 23, 2011

I hate Yahoo!

I hate Yahoo. I hate Yahoo and it has nothing to with their products. Its coz of their ad banners. Its irritating.

I'm talking about this irritating ad banner format that takes over the entire webpage on mouse over. And most cases its on top of the page and my mouse pointer invariably hovers it and the irritating banner covers the screen. It happens every time i move my mouse towards the address bar.

I also know that Yahoo has probably nothing to do with this irritating ad format. But as a user I see the brand that is irritating me. And thats Yahoo.

I understand the importance of ad monetization on web and the importance of making the user notice the ad and also to make him/her engaged with the brand. But this kind of forced engagement is absolutely not appreciated. Instead it back fires. Any brand that spoils the user experience is at the risk of being hated.

Next time you decide to advertise on web or mobile make sure you dont come as a usability bummer. Else you are in trouble.

I hate Yahoo.


Arun said...

You are absolutely right. This was the case with Yahoo from the beginning. If you remember the late 90's, this is exactly what some other search engines too (Altavista, Excite) did. Squeeze out the last juice of patience from the user. They have even designed the pages to load the ads first. And you know the google (search, mail) story.

The biggest mistake a company can do is NOT to offer their goodwill to their users. Yahoo do that, often.

Susheel Chandradhas said...

I hate yahoo for their products. Yahoo mail sucks! It used to be great before gmail came out. not anymore...

Dane said...

Yahoo! is an arrogant organization with mediocre products. Do they have any reason to exist anymore?

Anonymous said...

Yahoo banner ads suck. I am getting my news from other web sources.