Sunday, May 15, 2011

Should there be a tablet web?

xoom tablet

I dont think so. All the new tablet screen resolutions are 1024x968 and above, which is more or less equal to the desktop (or laptop) screen resolutions. This means the big web is good enough for tablets.

Then what is the fuss about?

The fuss and doubts are coz the new age tablets are seen as evolutions of touch smart phones. When we look from that angle its understood that why the need for a tablet web is.

What should change?

Not much. Already the contemporary web design philosophies are to have liquid layout, big text and button sizes and larger hit area. Combined with the amazing touch screen techhnology all the new age websites are already usable on tablets. But what we can do is to re look at them keeping in mind that these sites/apps have a high possibility of being used on a mobile touch device (read tablets). Some tweaking in the info architecture and ui would make them more usable on tablets. Also when we start on a brand new design keep these things in mind.

Is it bad for desktop web?

Well lets aim NOT to have things like desktop web, tablet web, touch mobile web and non touch mobile web, going forward. The future should be just big and small web.

So is it bad for big web considering they will be used on laptops? I dont think so. On the contrary I think the change will only be for good. It will make the web sites/apps simpler to use with less clutter but rich and unify the experience on all devices.

Recently I used Yahoo mail on an iPad which was a tablet optimized experience. I liked it. I dont know why its not the same on my laptop. I really liked the chrome web app version of cricinfo. I dont know why its not the same on their normal desktop web url.

We all should work towards having just one website/app having two modes, big and small, to be future proof. Both of them should be touch and mobile friendly.

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Smallmon said...

Most content owners have started taking the tablets seriously.For me, tablets deliver a light weight web experience. I find that extremely useful. No more boring waits at airports. Now I have my own in-flight entertainment when I am traveling cattle-class. Also, I've been able to gain some creds from SWMBO after I switched from dead trees to digital versions. No more discussions about book shelves and how they affect home decor or v a a stu!

That said, I feel there might be people who might not find tablets useful - like ex-Asianet newsreader Venu!