Sunday, September 25, 2011

Why Google TV makes sense to me

My work timings tend to stretch more into the night nowadays and I totally miss the prime time tv programmes. I do manage to catch up some of the re runs of my favorite shows late night or I wait for the weekend. Again I'm completely at the mercy of channels' timings to catch them. I'm more and more becoming unsuccessful at watching tv shows and all the latest movies. #fail

I want the tv shows to apear whenever I want them to happen. By this I dont mean I want all of them to be on You Tube. Today almost all businesses, even movies to an extent, have gone on demand and there is no reason why TV channels cant. Imagine Star World working as it is by default but also works on demand as per our convenience.

I think this is possible if I have access to apps like Hulu (I dont get it in India) or to an extent on You Tube. But then I have to watch them to my laptop or tablet or do some dance to connect it to my television to watch it on bigger screen.

Google TV is trying to help me out here. I will be able to watch live tv as it is or if I want to watch something specific i can search for it on the web or open the channel's video app and watch the show. I can even use it in India too. Logitech Revue is available on for $99 and you can get it delivered in India for $26. I'm seriously thinking of buying this.

Why am I not buying it? Well I have an old tube tv right now, will have to upgrade it to a nice LCD tv and then go for it. Its Ok to wait for some more time as Google TV is currently little low on content. I'm sure it will pick up soon after Ice Cream sandwich release in October after which it will be easy to develop android apps for different screen sizes. There will be more apps for Android tablets and Google TV by next year. Plus Google is currently working with every video provider on the web to make their interface friendly for Google TV. They are also working with every tv channel to make their content available on Google TV as on demand. Content is the big adoption factor right now for Google TV coz I think most of the TV channels dont understand this business model.

I know its a long way for Google to convince every content provider to be on board, have apps, and again they will have to repeat the integration efforts in India for it to make sense to me completely. Currently the problem is that Google doesn't have a lot of users to show the content providers to convince them. Its again the chicken and egg problem. As as Google fan and an early adopter I've decided to be their user as it will only help me in the long run. I can at least browse the web and watch online videos on a bigger screen as of now.
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