Saturday, October 29, 2011

A public Twitter timeline will kick ass

What is Twitter timeline?

If you are a Twitter user, you see a stream of your Tweets and from people you follow listed in real-time order. Twitter calls it the Home Timeline. When you go to another user's profile it shows the User Timeline.

Public Timeline

There is no general public twitter timeline showing tweets from EVERYONE. Twitter had this long back but not anymore. It doesn't make sense. But what makes sense is a public timeline which is curated by trending topics. All the major trending topics mapped against a timeline. Something using which i can search for topics or explore by zooming in into geography or slice and dice by say nature of topic (sports, entertainment) etc. If this happens the Twitter public timeline will be looked up as the World History Wall. If you want to browse through the history and not only know the events, but also read through what the world thought about them and have an in depth analysis. Twitter has a huge wealth of data in their data bases. Its time for them to do something with it. However its not an easy job. The key is in how they are going to visualize the data and make it interactive for people to make read sense out of them.

So what will we achieve?

I will never need to search on Google when and where was the last Olympics held and get a Wikipedia link on it. If I want to quickly know the important events happened last month or during last 6 months which will help me in some decision making this will be the place to go. If i want to know the major annual events of Australia to plan a trip I can come here. And its public, I don't have to be a Twitter user to look at the timeline.

What more?

OK this can be a stretch but Twitter will be in a good position to find patterns and may be predict the future. Or at least it will enable people to do that.

Are you listening @biz?

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