Monday, December 17, 2012

Eric Schmidt’s Commerce Fantasy is not far away

After I wrote my last post about Google's vision, I remembered Eric Schmidt's commerce fantasy which goes like this...

You’re driving down the street, and somehow your phone knows you need new pants. Roll with me here … The phone somehow realizes there’s a pants store on the left and a pants store on the right and knows that through Google Offers the store on the right has the cheapest pants deal. Your GPS says, “Turn right for your pants.” When you walk in the store, its system understands it’s you and that you need new pants and so the salesperson comes out with your pants, of course. You tap your phone to pay, and boom, pants.

Is this really possible? I think it is and parts of it is really happening now.

  • My Phone knows what time of the year it is and what’s the weather like. Later based on this it can figure out what I should wear.
  • It knows where all I go, the kind of shops and restaurants I visit and brands I like (Checkins, search, my exact location mapped to a Place, my posts on Google+)
  • It knows when I buy something online as it can sniff my confirmation emails. And definitely when I use Google wallet online.
  • Google doesn't know when I buy things in the offline world as of now. However as the world starts using Google wallet mobile payments this problem will get solved.If this happens it will know when I bought the jeans last and can recommend me to buy one after 6 months based on an offer it has on Google Offers.

    Google may be preparing to offer plastic Google Wallet cards as well, which will work with its existing online and mobile payment tool.
  • My phone can say “Turn right" (Turn by turn navigation) "for your pants.” (Google Now in the future)
  • The shop keeper would know I'm nearby if Google wallet has a POS companion app (like Square Register) and allows Google Wallet app on my phone to open a tab when I reach the store (like Square Wallet).

    There was a news that Latitude will soon be integrated with Google+. Probably a brand page owner will be able to see followers when they are nearby.
  • Inside the store the phone can tell me where the jeans is kept. (Google Maps has indoor maps and Street view like Business photos)
  • You tap the phone to pay using Google wallet or probably do an hands free auto pay (Future. Like Square Wallet does today. It’s almost definite that Square will be picked by Apple and Google will have to give an answer.)
  • And all this even without my phone but using Glasses in the later future.

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