Wednesday, August 28, 2013

5 things Credit Card companies can do for better user engagement

1. Home Page as a Pinboard of great things money can buy

Instead of a banner busy christmas tree home page which is absolutely useless, it can be a constantly updated curation of great things to do using my credit card. Eg, A map showing the stores having sale, happening bars, restaurants, events based on the time of the day.... Hard to resist items that can be bought on the web, eg on Flipkart or Myntra. Great getaway ideas based on upcoming long weekends.

Basically the home page can be a great discovery service for things you can buy and get discounts or earn points using the credit card. Potential customers will find this as a sure shot reason to jump to the next tab to look at the different credit cards and apply. Existing customers will visit the site to discover interesting stuff and not only once in a month to look at their statement.

2. Social

The same curation service they can extend on social networks like Pinterest, G+ and Facebook. On Instagram they can do roundups of the different events and also showcase products. Allow customers to post tweets like "I lost my card. Please block" or "I'm going abroad and will be using the card. Please don't block." from authorized handles. Authorize FB to show friends who have shown interest in curated products on the home page.

3. Quick loyalty points redemption

Dont hide the loyalty points inside some statement. Show it as clear scannable number in the header, along with the credit balance. Show me the numbers changing based on my activities on the site, like Cleartrip's split view price counter that changes based on my selection. Show me a catalog of products I can redeem my points on by just one click. If I'm falling short on loyalty, allow me to pay the rest using my card balance.

4. Better Statement & Payment

Make the statement super scannable. Bring up the most important numbers and make the details go into the background. Like Cleartrip's Air ticket design. I like ICICI Credit Card's statement, its very scannable. In both billed and unbilled statements, allow me to modify the expense description to something I would remember. There were many times I wondered what the hell I did with my credit card at Yum Brands. And above all a dead simple way to pay the credit card bill.... think Cleartrip Expressway.

5. Better on the go

Most of the time when I'm at a store, I'm not looking at paying my credit card bills. But I'm thinking credit balance. Show me this information upto date damn quick; without making me login all the time. Simple way??? Get onto iPhone passbook.

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