Sunday, April 06, 2014

The TV as we know it has changed in my house

Last year we upgraded our old tube TV to a Sony Smart LED TV. My idea of going for a smart TV was to watch a lot of videos on demand. The TV had a stripped down YouTube app but was a PIA to use it with the TV remote. Later I had to dump the smartness of my TV and instead used it as a display for my laptop connected with a HDMI cable. That's when my wife discovered the Project - Free TV site and started watching all her favorite TV series online but plugged into the tv. It was almost perfect. No getting back home on time, no re runs and no missed shows. Just go online, select the show and episode and watch whenever we have time. Hooking up the laptop on to the TV had its own quirks though. The laptop went out of power as we were watching and then had to connect the charger to make the whole setup a wired mess.

Enter Chromecast, the wonder device from Google. Chromecast converted any regular TV with a HDMI port into a Smart TV. Chromecast enabled us to keep the laptop docked to the charger on the study table somewhere inside but cast the Chrome browser tab on to the TV, thus making us watch the shows without the wired mess. Also allowed us to cast Youtube and Google Play movies from our Android devices on to the TV anytime. Our TV has more or less become like radio now. We watch the TV channels if we don't have anything specific in mind, all other times we search on the internet and chromecast it on TV to watch. We also came across this site viooz where all the latest English movies can be streamed free of cost. It also has some good Indian movie collections.

Should TV channels be worried? I don't think so. Instead they should embrace this phenomenon. It's an opportunity for them to make more money. I really wanted to watch the 24 hindi series last year, but couldn't as I kept on missing the show times and also coz of my December vacation. When I got back, I searched all over the internet for the episodes and couldn't find them anywhere. What if Colors made all the 24 episodes available on Youtube along with advertisements? That would have made some additional revenue for them and also made people like me happy. TV channels in India should open up their content more on YouTube, Google Movies and iTunes. Also make their mobile apps Chromecast friendly. Its also the most effective way to fight piracy.

TV has changed in my house and its going to change in every house, quite soon. TV channels and content creators, are you ready for the new TV revolution?

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