Saturday, November 29, 2014

How to lose weight in 7 days?

I don't know, if God gave me a chance to change something, that’s what I would ask for.

I don't have a fit body and that’s one thing I've never been proud of. It’s something that has made me go low on self esteem from high school days, especially when it came to matters involving people of the opposite sex.

So what, go to the gym right? Yes I have tried that many times. But most of the time I discontinued after going for months as I didn't see any result or I simply got too lazy to wake up in the mornings. After some time I was convinced that gymming wasn't my cup of tea and stopped trying.

I was an active kid till I moved to the Gulf where there were less places to play. I got used to sitting indoors with the AC on more than being out, playing in the heat and gradually put on weight. I came back to India during high school years and in no time lost all the weight I had put on. However everyone who saw me told me that I looked better when I was plump and I so wanted to gain back all the weight I had lost. I started eating four oversized meals. My mom gave me tablespoonful of ghee, chyavanprash and all other kinds of unhealthy stuff to help me achieve my goal. But they never worked and I remained a scrawny kid throughout my high school.

I started putting on weight again when I started working. The long hours of a sedentary job, eating at odd times may have triggered it and all the childhood unhealthy eating must have fuelled it further. Basically from then on I have only gained weight and never reduced. Today even though I'm not obese, I'm positively fat with a big belly and a body that’s better kept covered. I don't over eat but have all 3 meals on time. I don't binge on butter, sweets and fast food but I continue to sit for long hours at work. I don't exercise per se but do have long walks but clearly it’s not helping. I know people who live a similar lifestyle as mine but they are not fat. So I'm sure there is something about my body that’s working against my wishes. I've always wondered, is there some medicine or solution that could fix this problem of mine and millions of others or if there isn't, shouldn't there be one?

I'm pretty sure there could be medicines that could fix this problem, in a healthy way of course! I know that my body has a mind and it does things for a reason. This medicine could trick the mind to increase my metabolism and burn off whatever the body doesn't require after a point. Something that doesn't allow the fat to get deposited in my belly. This would allow me to continue my normal lifestyle, my sedentary job and eat whatever I want.

If a medicine can't do this, could technology help? My favorite number on my car’s dashboard is the average mileage of the trip I’m on. Based on that I know if I'm driving optimally. If there could be a body index that can be measured to know what my current rate of putting on weight is? Using this body index, if I could track and figure what effect my daily activities, namely eating, sitting, posture, etc. would have on my weight and belly. Like an activity tracker band but for people who are not so active but are still curious about watching their weight. Is this possible?

At some point in my career I would like to work towards finding an answer to this.

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